We are SOLD OUT of all lamb cuts except broth bones and lamb pepper sticks (nitrate/nitrate and high-fructose corn syrup free) until late August.

We are SOLD OUT of all beef cuts and products until August.

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Locker Lamb and Beef

Locker meat refers to purchasing a half or whole animal (or a quarter, in the case of beef). This is the most economical way to get the very best meat available - go shopping in your freezer! You'll always have a stock for last minute family meals or gourmet meals for family and friends. You get a wide variety of cuts, and you get to choose how it is cut, how thick the steaks are, and how much goes into each package. 


Locker Lamb

Properly raised and cooked lamb is tender, juicy and very easy to prepare. We aim for a 65 pound hanging weight, which when cut and wrapped, fits in 2 to 3 milk crates. Don't forget the so-called "5th quarter" - fat, bones and organ meats. Bones make wonderful bone broth, and organ meats are nutrition powerhouses! The fat can be rendered for savory treats.

Don't know how to cook a certain cut? No problem! We'll provide recipes, but we answer the phone too! Just call and we'll help! Call or email for more information! We are sold out until the 2019 harvest; make sure you’re on the email list to get a lamb next year!


Locker Beef

We sell beef by the quarter, half or whole. Any portion includes a variety of cuts: ground, steaks and roasts. A half beef requires approximately 8 cubic feet for storage, which is about the size of a small chest freezer. Most families with a standard chest freezer can fit a half beef plus a lamb in their freezer and be well stocked for delicious, nutritious meals all year long! We'll provide recipes and help you fill out your cut sheet. You've got this! SOLD OUT UNTIL AUGUST 2019!

Beef Bargain Bundles - SOLD OUT

Want a good deal, but don’t have the freezer space for an entire quarter? Maybe you like the idea of selecting which cuts you’ll get? Look at our bundles!

The Variety Pack: This pack gives you the same proportion of cuts as you would get with locker beef, but in a 50# quantity! Approximately 25# of ground beef, 12 pounds of roasts, 10 pounds of steak and 3 pounds of stew meat.


The Busy Cook Pack: Does your slow cooder or Instapot have a permanent residence on your countertop? This is the pack for you! ~1/3 roasts, 1/3 ground beef and 1/3 short ribs and stew meat for all those delicious make-ahead meals!

30# pack for $240 OR 60# pack for $450

The Steak Supreme Pack: Love to grill? Have lots of company? This pack has only steak! A variety of steaks are included.

15# for $225 OR 25# for $350

Meat by the Cut

We also sell meat by the cut, however, quantities are limited! Contact us for current availability and pick-up times.

rack of lamb in front of fire.jpg


Lamb chops SOLD OUT

Boneless leg of lamb SOLD OUT


Ground lamb SOLD OUT

Stew meat SOLD OUT

Lamb pepper sticks $6.75/package


Broth bones $4.50/pound

Broth bones with feet $5.50/pound


Porterhouse SOLD OUT

T-bone steaks SOLD OUT

Rib steaks SOLD OUT

Tenderloin SOLD OUT

Top sirloin SOLD OUT

Sirloin tip steaks SOLD OUT

Flank steaks SOLD OUT

Skirt steak SOLD OUT

Tenderized round steak SOLD OUT

Chuck roast SOLD OUT

Cross rib roast SOLD OUT

Rump roast SOLD OUT

Brisket SOLD OUT

Short ribs SOLD OUT

Extra lean ground beef SOLD OUT

Stew meat SOLD OUT


Soup bones SOLD OUT


Broth bones SOLD OUT

Beef Sausage (nitrate and corn syrup free) SOLD OUT

Cured Meats


Pepperoni Sticks and Summer Sausage

Did you know that most lunch meats contain high fructose corn syrup? And most snack meats (jerky, pepperoni sticks, etc.) contain nitrates or nitrites? NOT OURS! Our summer sausage and pepperoni sticks are preservative and HFCS free - you can feel good about giving these to your kids! Put these in a bento box along with hard-boiled egg, cheese, grapes, crackers and some veggie sticks for a fun lunch or even a portable dinner for hiking. Pair with your favorite beverage for a trip to the Britt! So good!

Eggs from pastured hens and ducks

chicken eggs in basket.jpg
duck eggs.jpg

Eggs may just be nature's most perfect food! High in protein, versatile and portable, they are also a very economical source of protein. They are perfect for a quick snack for the kids, breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Our lovely ladies roam the pastures chasing bugs (and each other), snacking on clover and other forages and scratching in bare dirt if they can find it. Our ducks have access to the wet pond area and love to hide in the cattails where we can hear, but not see them! Their eggs are delicious, nutritious and absolutely gorgeous! The duck eggs are approximately double the size of the chicken eggs and are coveted by pastry chefs, but just like our chicken eggs, can be used as a main dish or in a wide variety of meals. Never let your kitchen be without our eggs! Eggs are available at our self-service stand each day starting at 8 am, except Sundays when they go out around noon.