Buying Meat in Bulk - Won't It Get Freezer Burned Before I Eat It?

Over the last few months, I’ve had several customers express concern that if they bought meat in bulk -such as a lamb or a half beef – the meat would “go bad” before they could eat it all. By “go bad”, of course, they aren’t referring to food safety. Frozen meat is safe to eat almost indefinitely as long as it stays frozen. They are concerned that the meat will be dry or taste freezer burnt.

We’ve all probably had the experience of buying meat in a supermarket, tossing it in the freezer and coming back to find it an unappetizing color and perhaps even visibly freezer burnt. BUT WAIT! Meat that is sold in the case of a supermarket isn’t intended for your freezer. The clear plastic packaging is designed to allow customers to see what they are purchasing, not to protect meat quality in the freezer.

Our meat is packaged specifically for lengthy freezer storage. When you buy our locker lamb or beef, it is wrapped first in plastic wrap that adheres to the meat, then wrapped in a second layer of waxed paper. This retains moisture, protects against freezer burn from tearing or puncturing in the freezer and yields a freezer storage life of well over a year. In fact, I did a quick survey of farmer friends that sell meat, and they all know their meat retains quality for 2-3 plus years in the freezer, as long as the wrapping remains intact and in place, and the freezer maintains a temperature of 0 degree F or less. I personally have had cuts of meat that were over three years old, with the original packaging still intact, that were of excellent quality.

Buying in bulk (in other words, buying locker lamb and beef) is the BEST way to get the BEST meat in your freezer at the BEST price. With quality lasting two, three, even four years, you have nothing to lose!

What is your favorite reason for buying locker lamb or beef? I’d love to hear! Just post below!